Frank Underwood, Jr. is a full time writer and artist who spends his time between Los Angeles and the Washington D.C. area.  He currently has several projects underway, both written and visual.

The son of a retired Army colonel, Frank has lived in places both far and near, including New York, Germany, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Virginia, Washington D.C., and California.  After leaving Virginia Commonwealth University in the mid 80’s with a degree in Communication Arts & Design, he moved first to New York City, where he furthered his studies in writing and art and then to Los Angeles where he began his production education with Mark Freedman & Associates.  There he was involved in all phases of production and worked on a variety of music videos.

Shortly thereafter, Frank and his brother Blair formed the production company Eclectic Entertainment.  Under management of both Underwood brothers, Eclectic Entertainment developed, wrote, and produced a myriad of film and television projects, music videos, and film shorts.  Included among their most successful accomplishments are the docudrama, Sister, I’m Sorry, a project that was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and 20/20 and was distributed through Blockbuster Video.  Also notable is their production of the film The Second Coming, which featured Rosalind Cash and James Earl Jones and went on to win a bevy of film festival awards.  The stage production of IM4, a one-man show written and co-produced by Frank was performed by his brother throughout North America.

Frank optioned his first screenplay through Tim Reid’s New Millennium Productions and has optioned additional screenplays to several other companies, including Top Line Productions, Quiet Fury Productions, and Charter International Pictures.

During a freelance stint at Charter International Pictures, Frank wrote and polished several scripts for the company including Sins of the Father, Short Timer, Reaction, and Buffalo Soldiers.

In 1997, Frank’s screenplay, My Soul to Keep, from the bestselling novel of the same name, was optioned and eventually sold to Fox Searchlight Pictures.  This project is currently in development at the studio.

Sensual, passionate, and high-energy are words often used to describe Frank’s style.  He uses vibrant colors and, while the vast majority of his work is completed in oils, he frequently transcends to acrylics and some of his earlier work was completed in watercolors.

Frank says, I derive my inspiration from the inexorable force of being, the rhythms of human existence, and the cerebral nuances that are part of the continuous circle of life.  In addition, and perhaps with a bit more import, I am stimulated by the many fascinating faces of passion, which, when personified, give me pause and provide the vast majority of my inspirations.

Frank’s art has been displayed in numerous Los Angeles venues including the Lucy Florence Gallery, the Sherman Gallery, the Armando Gallery, and UCLA’s Fisher Gallery where one of his images is included in the museum’s permanent collection.  He has also shown in a variety of galleries from California to New York City.

Other notable achievements in Frank’s past include an ROTC Scholarship, recognition by Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges as well as Outstanding Young Men of America.  He was also on The Board of Advisors, U.S.C. School of Theater 1993 -1995.